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Orthodoxy is a cornerstone of Greek culture and tradition. Our Parish welcomes you! We are passionate about sharing the love of Christ, caring for each other, and making an impact our community.

Volunteers & sponsors needed

Volunteers are needed, please check your calendar and come out and help to make the 2019 Greek Festival a success. Sponsors also make a difference! See the festival website to sign up.

Easter 2019

Dear Parishioners,

Pascha is our Church’s triumphant victory over death. It is the eternal joy that awaits us all, the glory of the victory which already, although not visible, fills the whole creation: “death is more!”. The entire worship of the Church is organized around Easter, and therefore the Liturgical year. In other words, the sequence of seasons and feasts becomes a journey, a pilgrimage towards Pascha, the End, which at the same time is the Beginning: the end of all that which is “old”, the beginning of the “New Life”, a constant “passage” from this world into the Kingdom already revealed in Christ.

With these thoughts in mind as the divine and joyous day of Easter quickly approaches, we should remember that Holy Communion should be received during Holy Week on any of the following days: Holy Wednesday, Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday. Receiving Christ’s Body and Blood should be practiced by all of us making certain that we are properly prepared to do so.

Click here for the time schedule of Services for Holy Week and Easter. The time schedule has been offered to make it easier for you to attend as many services as possible, and to allow you to participate in as many Sacraments as you can during this special week of the year. Along, with Mr. Peter Vezeris, our Parish Council President, the officers and members of our Parish Council, as well as myself, we pray that the brilliant Light of Christ’s Cross and the mystery of His Resurrection fill you and yours with new hope and wisdom of God.

In Christ,
Rev. Protopresbyter Kosmas Karavellas


Request for Myrofores
With Easter fast approaching we are looking for Myrofores for Holy Week. The girls must be in 1st - 5th grades. They must wear a white dress and a white shoes or white sandals. (They can wear the same dress for all of the services). Their hair must be pulled back because they will be holding candles, so we want to ensure their safety. There will be a mandatory 15 minute practice meeting on Palm Sunday, April 21st after the 2nd Divine Liturgy. The schedule includes:

April 21st Palm Sunday at 6:30 pm Nymphios Service (1 hour)
April 22nd Holy Monday at 6:30 pm Nymphios Service (1hour)
April 23rd Holy Tuesday at 6:30 pm Nymphios Service (1 hour)
April 26th Holy Friday at 7:00 pm The Lamentations (3 hours)

The only suggestion that we have for our families with younger Myrofores (1st and 2nd grades) is that they attend the one hour services only; the Friday Service is quite long. All the girls are expected to be on their best behavior while participating in these services. If you have a daughter or granddaughter that is interested in participating in our Nymphios Service and The Lamentations, please contact Kallia Sakellariou 410-672-0668, kpsakel@gmail.com

Palm Sunday Service, April 21st
Like in the past years, there will be two Divine Liturgies for Palm Sunday, April 21st, Orthros at 7 am and the first Divine Liturgy at 8 am The second Divine Liturgy will be at 10 am. Coffee Hour will be served after the second Divine Liturgy and not after the first Divine Liturgy.

Easter Flowers
The Ladies Philoptochos need your support in purchasing Easter flowers again this year to decorate the Epitaphio and the Church during Holy Week and Easter. Tina Grivas with the Flower Committee will be collecting your donations after the Divine Liturgy every Sunday until Easter. For your convenience, we now accept credit cards. You may also donate online by clicking here.

Red Eggs for Pascha
The “Agia Anna” Ladies Philoptochos is asking the community to continue the tradition of bringing red hard boiled eggs to church so they may be distributed after the Anastasi Service held on Holy Saturday, April 27th , in the evening, and for the Agape Service on Easter Sunday, April 28th. The red eggs can be brought in on Good Friday or on Holy Saturday and can be given to a Parish Council or to any Philoptochos Board member.

Annual Greek Festival Sponsorship & Advertising
This year’s Annual Greek Festival will be held on May 30 -31, June 1 and 2, 2019. For the first time we are offering sponsorship opportunities for not only for businesses but for organizations and individuals. You can have Personal Messages, Best Wishes and in Memory. Photos should be sending in High Resolution accurately sized and camera ready for print in the Souvenir Program/Menu. If you are interested in supporting the Greek Festival by purchasing and ad, you may contact the Church Office at 410-573-2072 or email correspondence@schgochurch.org.

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