Parish Council

December 2, 2018 Parish Council Elections were held for the six members for the Parish Council. The voting began at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy and ended promptly at 2 pm. It was conducted in accordance with the “Uniform Parish Regulations” and our “Parish By-Laws” as instructed by the rules of the Metropolis of New Jersey. The new six Parish Council who were voted for the 2018-2021 terms are listed below.

Board Members:

Soterios Argeroplos, Chrysostomos Diamondidis, Sotiri Karides, Katherine O’Connell, Steven Schmalz and James Theologus..

Membership in the Council:

All adult parishioners in good standing for one year are eligible to run for one of the twelve elected positions. The elections take place yearly on the second Sunday in December in the Banquet Room for six of the twelve positions. All parishioners in good standing are eligible to vote, and the Council members serve a two year term.