Easter 2018

Jesus said, “I am the Resurrection, and the life.” John 11:25

Dear Parishioners,

On the most vibrant strings of your hearts strike the phrase, Christ is Risen and life finds its freedom. All men must hear that Christ’s Resurrection forever liberates life from the fear of death. It acquires a new untrammeled ethical standing. It is set free. Neither baseness nor a craven heart can drag it down. It, too, is risen, a life meant for triumph, not for defeatism and corruption. All men must know, believers and non - believers alike, the great truth: “Christ is risen, and no dead can be found in their graves. In Christ’s faith there are no dead men. If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.” (II Cor. 5:17).

“Christ is Risen”, with these words we acknowledge year after year that Christ is the true light which has dispelled and destroyed darkness, and gives us the joyous feeling that this celebration brings. Let us take this joyous feeling into our troubled world to bring peace and love where evil now reigns. Continue your fasting and prayer, as we are quickly approaching Holy Week and Pascha. All Orthodox Christians should receive Holy Communion and participate during this meaningful Holy Period. Receiving Holy Communion should be practiced by all of us as frequently as possible; making certain that we are properly prepared before approaching the Holy of Holies.

Enclosed you will find the time schedule of Services for Holy Week and Easter. The time schedule has been offered to make it easier for you to attend as many services as possible, and to allow you and your family to participate in as many Sacraments as you can during this special week of the year.

Mr. Peter Vezeris, our Parish Council President, the officers and members of our Parish Council, as well as myself and my family, pray that the joy and hope of the Resurrection will shine and abide in your hearts forever.

Yours in anticipation of the Resurrection,

Rev. Protopresbyter Kosmas Karavellas

A Reminder: We are enclosing your Easter Offering envelope. An Easter Offering, which you give from your heart and can afford, will be welcomed and greatly appreciated. It is one of many expressions of faith in our Risen Lord. Please bring it with you to Church at your earliest opportunity or mail it back to us at your earliest convenience.