Improving Parishioner Engagement in

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During the Fall, 2018 General Assembly meeting, parishioners approved the undertaking of an in-depth research project that is intended to examine ways for improving all aspects of parishioner engagement in our ministries and activities. 

Parish member participation, such as attendance at General Assembly meetings, and interest in the governance of our parish have declined over recent years. If this decline is not addressed, it has the potential for threatening our parish’s future as a congregation, or even its long-term existence. Declining participation by individuals and families in our parish runs counter to the Church’s mission of promoting the Orthodox faith through fellowship and community service.              

The goals of the project are: 1) examine all aspects of parishioner engagement, identifying the root causes for the less than desired rate of participation in the ministries that comprise stewardship and make recommendations for improvement; 2) make recommendations for increasing participation and volunteerism in parish activities, particularly fund raising events; 3) provide a roadmap for stabilizing the parish’s future.      

The project involves research with other Orthodox parishes as well as churches which are part of other Christian church denominations, and is designed to look at issues such as parishioner involvement with governance activities and stewardship; parishioner engagement in various church and community events; and to solicit ideas as to how we may not only improve participation in these activities, but make participation more rewarding. The project will also involve outreach to our parishioners through personal contacts and a questionnaire focused on these issues. Recommendations will be made to the Parish Council, and presentations made during General Assembly meetings.

Preliminary research indicates that the underlying issues related to our project goals are not unique to our Parish and are systemic within many churches regardless of denomination.         

It is hoped that the research and resulting recommendations will provide a new context, a new window of opportunity for the parish community to improve engagement with the Church and increase involvement in church activities.

John Vezeris

Project Coordinator

Follow the link below to view or download Power Point presentation to the Parish in December 2019 please follow the following links.


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