Church service Support Groups

Those involved in church services are an important and greatly appreciated part of our church. Many positions are open to a wide group of churchgoers who are willing to help. See below for more details.

- Altar Boys -

Contact: Father Kosmas Karavellas
Membership Open To: Boy’s 5th – 12th Grade
Meetings: Held four times a year
Purpose: Care and service to the Holy Altar and Church

- Chanters -

Contact: Dimitrios Farsadakis
Participation Open To: All those who desire to learn
Purpose: To offer praises to God through Byzantine hymnology

- Choir -

Contact: Mrs. Mary Gaylord
Membership Open To: Open to all who want to sing Rehearsals: Wednesday evenings at 7:00 P.M. at the Church
Purpose: Sing the praises of the Lord and enhance the beauty of the Liturgy

- Ushers -

Contact: Mr. Peter Vezeris
Purpose: To help the congregation in entering and exiting the Church in an orderly manner. To also assist the faithful in emergencies that might happen during the different services.