Parish Council

President: Peter Vezeris

Vice President: Marcus Chacona

Treasurer: James Theologus

Asst. Treasurer: Sotiri Karides

Secretary: Andy Delarivas

Board Members: Thomas Douglas, Steven Schmalz, Chris Diamondidis, Dennis Argerson, Peyton Chandler, Menelaos Kotsis & Joe Lynch

- Membership -

All adult parishioners in good standing for one year are eligible to run for one of the twelve elected positions. The elections take place yearly on the second Sunday in December for six of the twelve positions. All parishioners in good standing are eligible to vote, and the Council members serve a two-year term.

- Meetings -

The Parish Council convenes on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 P.M. at the church.

- Purpose -

The Parish Council is the body which manages and oversees all operations of the church and the parish community under the guidance of the pastor. Its duties include administering the parish’s practical affairs in a manner which aids the priest. Also, the council is responsible for all the parish business and fund-raising activities.